Red tide is killing our marine life and harming our community. Sally Laufer, candidate for state house district 65 is leading a Rally Against Red Tide to call for change! We’ve endured far too many years of calls for less regulation and conservation investment, now we’re reaping what our representatives and senators have sewn. Let’s stand up together and say enough is enough.

Come join us and hear from speakers about how we can confront this crisis.

Please arrive by 9:30 am :

“we will gather and then we will lock hands at 10:15 for 15 minutes all across the beaches of this beautiful state- East Coast and Gulf Coast; North to South. At the end we will all raise our arms up to the sky, hand in hand, to show love to our wildlife, water, beaches, Mother Nature and one another. Join us in our peaceful movement. Can you give 15 minutes of your time to make an impact?

DAY OF: Please give yourself enough time to find parking. We will be locking hands at 10:15 sharp for 15 minutes.
1. Wear a mask if you are concerned about your health/immune system.
2. Wear shoes on the beach.
3. Wear a blue/aqua colored shirt.
4. Please bring water in a reusable bottle.
5. Do not bring signs, banners, etc. as we don’t want any trash left behind.
6. For the safety of your pets please leave them at home.” -Hands Across The Water

This event has ended